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Product information
Item number: SLR-49-343
Item location: London
Quantity: 4000
Shipping Type: Pickup
Price : £400.00
Discount Price : £390.00
Seller Details
Quantum SMC Products
Location: United Kingdom
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Price: £390.00
Payment Options: Paypal
Product Description:
Peppa Pig Strawberry lollipop and crystal card set. Sell by date is 31st January 2016. Made in Spain. I have 4000 at 10p per set. If you don't want to buy all 4000, I can split but the price goes up to 15p per unit. The crystal card set is basically a card with a picture of one of the Peppa Pig characters and then a transparent card with a different outfit printed on it so it makes it look like you have changed what the character is wearing