COMPETE Energy Bites - Chocolate Flavour - 6pk x 12 Units

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Item number: SLR-41-335
Item location: Marlow, Buckinghamshire
Quantity: 120
Shipping Type: Cost
Shipping Cost: £2.99
Price : £59.88
Discount Price : £5.98
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West Dakota UK Limited
Location: United Kingdom
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Price: £5.98
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Save 90% Off Manufacturer's Recommended Retail Price! (SRP £59.88 - Special Clearance Price £5.98!!) COMPETE Energy Bites are chocolates infused with Caffeine and Calcium. They are a perfect alternative to coffee and energy drinks and provide an incredible energy boost and increase in mental focus. Each bite contains 135mg of caffeine, which is almost as much as nearly two cans of the UK's market leading energy drink. They are low in calories - less than 45 calories per bite. COMPETE Energy Bites are excellent to be consumed:- *5 or 10 minutes before working out. *During sports activities for an extra burst of energy. *As a pick me up when driving or working late. *To help stay alert on the roads. *For enhanced mental focus when studying or concentrating for long periods. Additionally, the product has received many positive comments from people suffering with Fibromyalgia.