About ExpiryBuy.com

We are the online market place for food, drink, cosmetics, detergents and all other products that have a "best before date" or "Expiry Date", when a Product is close to being out of date or its past its "Best", retailers and wholesalers generally have to slash the price dramatically reducing the profit margin for the sellers. Some product manufacturers accept returns  We are providing a platform for all retailers to sell their stock, otherwise this food would end up in landfill or destroyed. foods that would be perfectly edible would be disposed of and would contribute to the increased land fill. Food is becoming scare and deserves its longevity that is inherent in many canned and dry foods as well as other products

Given the price of food, the average weekly shopping bill is reaching an unsustainable level of household income, the proportion of household income spent on food is rising and households are under severe strain, pressurising hard hit families to make further cut backs to spending.

Given all the craze surrounding recycling and reducing waste, this area of food and drink has not yet been addressed, we need to ensure we don't throw away food fit for consumption.

Manufacturers of food, package food to ensure that it is fit to eat months after it has past its best before date such as tinned food, which according to some estimates can last upto 2 years after its best before date. In many western market products that pass the best before or sell by date end up being shipped to Africa, Asia and other countries where it is sold on, given that it is still edible.

Food prices are looking to rise continually over the next decade, given that household incomes have not been keeping in line with inflation, household budgets will be strained further. Expirybuy,com is playing a pivotal role in providing a gateway for meeting the needs of both the wholesalers and consumers alike.